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Hays Daily News Android


Real-time news and information for Northwest Kansas on your Android device.

The Hays Daily News, covering 20 counties in Northwest Kansas, offers the latest and most comprehensive news, sports, entertainment, advertising and opinion in the region, as well as obituaries.

Browse and read stories produced by The Hays Daily News staff of professional reporters and columnists, as well as view stunning photography from some of the best photographers in Kansas.

Stay current by viewing breaking news and sports scores, and stay informed and in the debate with HDNews editorials and columns.

Visit our website at for even more information you will only get from The Hays Daily News.

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  • The application loads with the top story and categories.
  • Tap a category to view recent stories related to it.
  • Tapping a photograph will open a large view gallery of all the photographs related to the story.

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